Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Welcome to Sky Rat, The Moon's Jaw, Dreaming About Ron Silliman, Etc, Etc

I am auteur now of Sky Rat (Spork, 2014) and dream often of Ron Silliman (dreams chronicled here). ...

You can buy The Moon's Jaw ("a stabbed cosmos drooling" etc, etc) at Amazon or SPD -- or best for my publisher, Black Ocean, please buy it direct from them here. To the right you will find links to interviews, reviews and some sample poems.

Below is a link to a 2 minute Video Trailer (note: not for the squeamish):

& if you're interested in reviewing The Moon's Jaw or Sky Rat on Goodreads or Amazon, etc, or mentioning them on Twitter or Facebook that would be great. I don't care what you say. I am a whore. And any action's good: money or bruises.